Green Hat Cyber Security (”GHCS”)
Green Hat Cyber Security (”GHCS”)
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Contact: If you've come here looking for my cyber security business, things like information security consulting services, penetration testing, or APT hunting and threat intelligence work, or other commercial cyber related activities (OSINT, investigations, strategy, governance ect) please reach out to me directly on Meta’s Facebook

Wargaming in cyberspace

Wargaming in Cyber Space


January 2022
  • I’ve decided that I want to move into the Web 3 and crypto space. I’m considering it applied cyber security. I can combine my creative side with my technical skills and keep a cyber security focus at the same time. Things are changing for how cyber security work is done in Australia, and there won’t be many people like me left so I’m leaving the village before its too late. If you are a client of mine then you have already been briefed and I appreciate your enthusiasm for backing me in this new direction. Lastly, I am moving away from “secret squirrel” work, and the whole “clearance required” scene and making content. So please stay tuned! It’s more fun, and I reach, help and inspire more people this way.
October 2021
Charles Darwin University Cert IV Cyber Security & Diploma
The Cert IV for Cyber Security demonstration materials have now closed. Thank you for your interest in developing the cyber security talent of the NT
  • SWOT for the Victorian vs National Diploma level and Cert IV (Including advanced)
  • Preliminary lesson design and scaffolding
  • Early strategic estimates for cost, enrolments and planning over a 5 year duration
  • Foundation work on creating a VET program from scratch in cyber security in the NT-CDU context
  • Competitor analysis against Victorian, WA and NSW Tafe providers
🦘Cyber Taipan
  • Mentoring and coaching to both the students and the teaching staff
  • Resource gathering such as cyber study materials, check lists, code samples, virtual machine demonstrations
  • Competency and knowledge verification of cyber defence topics for students
  • Basically, gave the students the best chance they could have to represent the NT


Undergrad days at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
  • There was a lot of foundational research and training in strategic policy, the science of security, defence, intelligence and affairs pertaining to Australia's national interest across every country in the Indo-Pacific. A lot of cross institutional exposure, particularly American institutions with a reputation of excellence in these areas. Course was designed as to have no peer competitors and in alignment with the standing of the College as global top 10 in D.I.M.E subjects. That's my long-winded way of saying, grand strategy.
National Security College & Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy Days
  • This is where I began to formalise my speciality skills in cyber security (for example, nuclear security, psychological operations, ect) but I chose cyber security. ANU offered full rides in Masters in both degree's but I honestly grew bored as my foundational studies were so advanced.
Grad School Days at the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne
  • Melbourne at the time was the world's most liveable city and best in Australia and global top 30 for Information Systems and business. I mostly focused on synergistic aspects of cybersecurity (knowledge management systems, information science, human-computer interaction, consulting and business repertoire)
Research interests at Charles Darwin University
  • I'm unsure if it is pertinent to share my most recent research as it is sensitive and novel so not widely known or understood
Finding a home, doing a PhD
I'm still on the hunt for a place I can do my research. Basically every university you see in my universities list I've contacted but not been able to find an offering that is suitable for me. I have turned down an opportunity, for now, to work with UNSW@ADFA despite it being a personal dream of mine. Remember, when you have the goods, your negotiation position is stronger, so don't sell out your research and passions, or settle for things that aren't right. Rather, find a team and an institution that will rise with you.
University courses I have designed and taught
  • HCS261 Fundamentals of Humanitarian Practice
  • IAS335 War, Revolution and Terror
How did I make this site?
I've been trying to build a website whereby I could use notion as my CMS and then have everything be dynamic and super easy. Here are a collection of links that I referenced in the process, and it couldn't be done without the love of open source.
Please note that I'm not a "classically trained dev" nor have I worked as one. So if you spot something on this site that could be improved, you're welcome to reach out and give us a hand. Protip for beginners, set up your environment first, and perhaps, don't rush and go through the NextJS tutes like you're supposed to. But if you like to learn by doing, just open all the tabs and give it a whirl.
Why did you make this?
I've been trying to find a home for my research into wargaming in cyberspace powered up with A.I for sometime. I've searched far and wide and reached out to some of the best universities, war-gamers and researchers around the world. But since I haven't actually found a place to do a doctorate of my own, I figured there's no reason to waste time and just start now. I'm hoping someone out there might put the captcha together and bring me onboard.
Are you available for consulting, advisory or joining our team?
Call me anytime. But at this stage I don't need to work and focus purely on my passion projects. Think John Wick meets Wozniak type of thing.

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Humanitarian sim ex

We were able to share the game with Simulation Australasia at their 2021 conference. It was very well received. Currently I am waiting to hear back from Charles Darwin University if this generous endeavour will continue. If I have no exclusivity arrangements, then I intend on streaming this type of thing live on either Twitch or Youtube
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