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Next Generation Wargaming for the U.S. Marine Corps


The purpose of this report is to provide the U.S. Marine Corps with recommendations and courses of action COAs as it invests in its wargaming capability. The Marine Corps wishes to emphasize wargaming to support concept development, wargaming to support capability development and analysis, and strategic leader engagement and strategic discussion. Because of the possibility that Marine Corps wargaming might be called upon to broaden its scope in the future, we also reviewed three other categories of wargaming science and technology wargaming, wargaming to support operational decisions and plans, and wargaming to support training and education. The Marine Corps also has a future vision for wargaming in which it wishes to remove some of the current limitations in gaming, as outlined in its next-generation wargaming NGW concept. This report builds on a previous task for the Marine Corps Wargaming Division WGD in which RAND Corporation conducted interviews at a number of wargaming centers outside the Marine Corps in order to gather information on the tools and approaches they used for wargaming. We also collected information on wargaming processes, facilities, skill sets, and other recommendations, and provided summaries of the organizations we contacted for this report. While our previous effort produced a catalog of tools and approaches, for this report we wanted to provide the Marine Corps with a better way to evaluate the utility of different wargaming tools in relation to building its NGW concept. With this in mind we identified tasks by wargaming type in order to provide additional information on when in the wargaming process certain tools might be useful. Table S.1 lists the tasks that were common to all the wargaming categories we examined. Our intent is to make the catalog of tools and approaches more useful by allowing readers to see that there is a task, such as managing information, and then allow them to see what tools different wargaming centers may

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